Restart English blog.

I restart to update the blog in English on a weekly. I record my latest status firstly.

I will change my job this month. Because I am paid during digestion now, my job title changed “salaried worker and homemaker” to “homemaker” this month only. Next on the work of a secret for now but worked in the company next September. Then, My job title will go back to “salaried worker and homemaker” next month.

Previously, I was joined by graduates from five months to 10 years, worked in the so-called enterprise users SIer system. There were also many good and bad, especially not talk about them here.Now that I have experienced a variety of occupations and jobs than same period employees, I was very good about that. I have to be grateful. However, because the company had shifted the direction I want to do with it, the company decided to change jobs to get you to want to me. SI is the industry itself is said to converge in future, various companies in a difficult situation now, but as I’m hoping the OB wants us say survive.

I will be working on a new job next month, and our relationship to those who have until now I want to thank your for your continued support and encouragement.