I am a salaried worker, and a homemaker. I do mainly housework, and am doing the profession of the hobby and the side job of work on the other hand. :)

My public GnuPG key for signing is here.

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      B8F2 86F6 2206 360F 7D41  0817 2E81 6254 7E37 CE41
uid           [  full  ] Kouhei Maeda <mkouhei at palmtb.net>
uid           [  full  ] Kouhei Maeda (Debian JP Project) <mkouhei at debian.or.jp>
uid           [  full  ] Kouhei Maeda <mkouhei at gmail.com>
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GitHub activity

Job career

  • in a web, working as a self-employeement. (Sep, 2017 - current)

  • in a web, working as a software developer. (Nov, 2015 - current)

  • in a web, working as a operations developer. (Sep, 2011 - Oct, 2015), and a software developer for server/network/middlware. (Apr, 2012 - Oct, 2015)

  • in a systems integrator, worked as a systems developer. (Apr 2001 - Aug 2011)

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