migration subcommand|help -- start/stop/manage migrations
(qemu) migration help
migration listen [local_host:port [remote_host:port]] -- listen to a port
migration connect [local_host:port [remote_host:port]] -- connect to a port
migration getfd fd (socket) -- get established connection
migration start online|offline -- start the migration proccess
migration cancel  -- cancel an ongoing migration procces
migration status  -- get migration status/progress
migration set params -- set migration parameters
migration show  -- show migration parameters
migration help [subcommand] -- show help message

QEMUでもXenのLive Migrationと同等のことができるかな。kvmもrelease12にこんなのあるから、試してみたいなぁ。もう一台機器がないとダメか…。

add dirty page tracking in some corner cases for live migration