Upgrade OS X 10.7 Lion to 10.9 Maveicks

The model of my MacBook Pro is 15-inch, Early 2011. I am usually using Debian GNU/Linux Sid on VirtualBox for OS X with full screen. The virtualBox-guest-{dkms,utils,x11} packages were upgraded 4.2.16 to 4.3.2 at last December. So I tried to OS X as host OS of VirtualBox.

  1. Upgraded VirtualBox for OS X 4.2.16 to 4.3.2.

  2. Upgraded virtualbox-guest-* packages of Sid, and rebuild virtualbox-guest-dkms.

  3. Exported virtual appliance of Sid to NAS 1.

  4. Upgraded OS X Lion to Maverikcs.

I was worried about the following link, but there has not yet been occured troubles my MacBook Pro now.




Firstly, I tried to backup with the Time Machine, but I gave up because this method was very very slow.