My father was passed away

My father was passed away on the 20th last March. He had difficulty disease. It was too late to cure the disease when his disease has found.

I went to visit my father in the hospital with his daughter about 2 weeks before my father died was the last face-to-face. My father at home until the last minute, do-it-yourself was doing as much as possible on his own. I regret and I should let them meet my daughter to him more. When I went to visit the week before he died, we exchanged words was his father’s last words.

I: “I also come with my wife and daughter in April.”

Father: “When you come next I hope to be able to chat with the grandchildren.”

I did not fulfill this promise that I have with my father.

Dad, may you rest in peace, we shall never forget you.

(This is not April fools’ joke.)