A happy new year 2013

A happy new year, everyone. I have witten this entry because I wrote the same title entry last year.


Review last year


  • Our first baby was born at March first, and she has been ten months. She walks along the wall, and saids “Mamma”.

  • I stoped diet and temperance in the first half of last year, but I also resumed and ongoing.

  • I’m back to my parents’ house as soon as possible why health of my parent is not good.

  • My wife became ill after childbirth, she had surgrey in the hospital.

  • I and our daughter caught a cold from about Decenber, and we were in bed most of the time at the end of the holiday.


  • I was scheduled to go home in mid-November. But I was nearly the last train back about one and a half months after the end of the work-at-home.

    • I made ​​a first-time telecommuting when my wife was infected with norovirus.

  • The articles that we was interviewed were published, and I had written the official blog.

  • Our mission was changed building a new data center, my main mission is testing and developping and building authentication and mail systems, packages and SCM repository.

  • I packaged unofficial Debian packages at using free software and I developped softwares.

Debian and others

  • Blockdiag series had been main.

    • Other softwares were almost uploads to mentors.debian.net, but were not yet main.

  • We had held “Grand union Debian meeting” (大統一Debian勉強会).

    • I have said “Opening speech”, and photo shoot of the day, only.

  • I had become a Debian JP leader of this term, but I do not play a role in private is too busy.

  • Currently, I have not been able to work my maintenance of the Debian packages.

  • Activity of the CouchDB JP was stopped.

  • Programming and python, python & Debian packaging only I was doing in both public and private.

In summary, child-rearing, nursing my wife, to go home to the parents’ frequent were more difficult than expected.

This year

I decided two simply.

First health

Health break, we would spend all one’s time to it. Our daughter, my wife, myself are to stay healthy firstly.

In moderation

What I want to do, that I do not have a lot to do everything this year. Last year only become hands full health aspects of my family, there was a lot of what was untouched. So, I think it is not aiming for 100%, 50%, 0%, and 80%, 80%, 80% would aim a little luck.