$ sudo bastille
ERROR:   'DB5.0' is not a supported operating system.
         Valid operating system versions are as follows:
         'DB2.2' 'DB3.0' 'DB3.1' 'DB4.0' 'RH6.0'
         'RH6.1' 'RH6.2' 'RH7.0' 'RH7.1' 'RH7.2'
         'RH7.3' 'RH8.0' 'RH9' 'MN6.0' 'MN6.1'
         'MN7.0' 'MN7.1' 'MN7.2' 'MN8.0' 'MN8.1'
         'MN8.2' 'HP-UX11.00' 'HP-UX11.11' 'HP-UX11.22' 'HP-UX11.23'
         'SE7.2' 'SE7.3' 'SE8.0' 'TB7.0' 'OSX10.2.0'
         'OSX10.2.1' 'OSX10.2.2' 'OSX10.2.3' 'OSX10.2.4'
ERROR:   Invalid argument list:
         Usage: bastille [ -b | -c | -r | -x [ --os version ] ]
         -b : use a saved config file to apply changes
              directly to system
         -c : use the Curses (non-X11) TUI
         -r : revert all Bastille changes to-date
         -x : use the Perl/Tk (X11) GUI
         --os version : ask all questions for the given operating system
                        version.  e.g. --os RH6.0

Lennyは’DB5.0’なのか?と思ってreportbugsを見たら #510884 で報告されてた。